Existing company that supplied and serviced industrial generators to the NY Metro area, Long Island, NY, New Jersey and parts of PA, CT, DE, and MD. Company was purchased from the founding family and new owner wanted new positioning for profit and market share growth.

We Found

Original owners had been looking for buyers and had not invested energy or funding in marketing or process engineering. Consequently, competitors were stealing market share by leveraging online marketing channels, streamlining communications and sales processes, and expanding service areas.

First Steps

New owner focused on process engineering systems including CRM and financial management software as well as management and sales staff reorganization and expansion. He appointed a group of advisors to participate in our CPR Process to facilitate brand development and identity design.

We Recommended
  • New logo design that suggested strength and technological expertise as well as representing the company’s product and service.
  • New website design with resource-rich content intended to attract decision makers who are entering the buying cycle.
  • Inexpensive leave-behind materials highlighting GenServe’s competitive advantages for sales staff when visiting qualified leads.
  • New system of centralizing calls and e-mail inquiries so prospects are connected with a representative within minutes.

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